More Than Just an Author

I’ve mentioned it a time or two here on my blog, but I happen to be a big fan of NFL football, the Chicago Bears in particular. I talk football on Twitter occasionally with fellow author and blogger Berthold Gambrel, actually. Though he at least gets to cheer for a much better team than I do (for now).

Anyway, the point of today’s post is I wanted to let you all know that I do more than just write novels! I’m also a writer for a sports news site called Bears Talk. As you can probably infer, it’s about the Chicago Bears. I started contributing on their site as a guest author last summer, then a few months ago was brought on board to write articles that the site would feature on its homepage!

It’s not a paid gig (though I did get some cool Bears Talk swag), but just a fun hobby and a chance to reach a lot of people with the things I have to say about the Chicago Bears. Mostly good things lately, with quarterback Justin Fields having a real nice season and the Bears (somehow) stumbling into the NFL draft with the top pick.

If you ever wanted to check it out, the website is here. I actually use a separate Twitter account to write and promote those articles, which is probably why you’ve never seen them. I figured it’d be courteous to not flood your Twitter feeds with my passionate football opinions, so I made that second account two years ago to act as a filter. But this way you can still read them if you wish!


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