Back to Blogging in 2023

Happy New Year to all! Once again, planet Earth has completed an orbit around the Sun, and humans everywhere rejoice!

I have not updated my blog in the past couple weeks, mostly due to the holidays. I tend not to blog around Christmas time, what with the hustle and bustle of seeing friends and family. I was also just kicking my feet up and relaxing once the decorations came down, too.

I did take my daughter to her first professional hockey game, along with my siblings and their kids. I bought a new hat while at the stadium, which my daughter promptly claimed to be hers, and had a delicious cheeseburger dinner. All in all, a really great night with family!

As I mentioned on Twitter, I finally sent off my third Ethan Chase novel for editing, so it shouldn’t be terribly long before that is available to order! Gold of the Jaguar is, I think, my favorite Ethan Chase adventure yet, and possibly the most intense. I really enjoyed writing this one, and I’m excited to see what my editor can do to improve it.

I’m not sure yet if there will be a fourth book or more in this series. The ending I have currently is open to both possibilities, either a continuation of the series or a fond farewell to the characters. I will say that I have a germ of an idea for a fourth book, but that needs to roll around my noggin for a while before I decide to act on it. If I can picture a clear beginning and end to such a book, I suppose I’ll put pen to paper and at least attempt it.

For Christmas, my wife got me the rest of the Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, so I’ll be reviewing those as I finish reading them. I watched the Netflix adaptation of the book series and found myself rather enjoying it, so I’ll finish the books (though I do think that he wrote more than totally necessary).

Once again, I want to thank you all who follow and read my blog here! It’s been four years since I started publishing and blogging, beginning with His Name Was Zach and a shortsighted blog site. I’ve come a long way, and I want to thank those of you who’ve been around the longest, fellow authors and readers who’ve engaged the most with me here in our blogging spaces. I would name names but am afraid of forgetting someone, but I reckon you know who you are. So thank you for sticking around and I look forward to what 2023 brings to us all!


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