The Life of a Writer: An Update

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that behind every social media presence, there’s a genuine person behind the screen on the other end, and it’s hard to truly connect with people if you don’t really know anything about them besides funny tweets or memes. So every once in a while I like to type up a blog post with some news about my personal life! Because I’m more than just a writer and reader, after all.

The first exciting news is that I have two job interviews upcoming this week, and both are tremendous opportunities for me! They’re both at the same company I work at now, but would be higher (and better paid) positions. I’m hoping to do well enough in the interviews to overcome my educational deficiencies (employers really hate seeing that political science and philosophy major on my resume, I guess).

We got all our Christmas shopping done early in my household, which is nice, and all the decorations are up as well. I never thought I’d be the guy who puts up Christmas trees before Thanksgiving but the beautiful wife and daughter tend to convince me otherwise. Ironically, the decorations that I generally enjoy having up, the outdoor lights on the roof, might not even make an appearance this year! By the time I thought about putting them up, Old Man Winter blew across the land and frankly I don’t want to spend ninety minutes on the roof with my fingers and face freezing.

If it warms up at all between now and December I’ll make a real effort to get up there! If not, I may just wait until next year (and set a calendar reminder).

I’ve also managed to lower my blood pressure a little, which is good. It was never terrible, but at my last doctor’s visit this summer it was a little too high. My doctor told me to cut down on sodium, which I did. I never had any idea just how much sodium was in the food I was eating! Way too much! It was actually pretty easy to cut out the worst offenders (frozen food, an everything bagel every morning, Campbell’s soup on the weekends) and make some low-sodium substitutions elsewhere.

When I checked my blood pressure last week, it was 128/88, down from 130/90. Hopefully, the way I’m trending, I can get it down to 122/81 by my next annual check-up. That’s really the only unhealthy thing about me since I don’t smoke, I exercise four times a week, and only have one drink once or twice a month, at most.

Last of all, a writing update, because I am still a writer! I just finished a second draft of the third Ethan Chase book: Gold of the Jaguar. I’m really happy with how this one turned out, and while I was editing, I actually got a little choked up at a particularly emotional scene. I’m hoping to have that sent off to my editor to get it in the process of publishing very soon!

If you’ve read the first two Ethan Chase thrillers, thank you! I truly appreciate your support. If you’ve enjoyed them, please do leave a rating on Amazon or the site where you got the books. Next to actually purchasing an author’s work, talking about it online is the next most helpful thing you can do to support authors!

And if you haven’t read them yet, well, you can check them out here!


5 thoughts on “The Life of a Writer: An Update

  1. Good luck in your interviews! I’m sure you’ll do well. Glad to hear you got good results from cutting back on the sodium, too.

    And lastly, even though I’ve said it before… I cannot wait for the third Ethan Chase book!!! Solomon’s Fortune was so good; I’m really excited to read another adventure like that.

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