Solomon’s Fortune: Available Now!

“You’re dancing with the Devil, Ethan. Did you not think you’d get burned?”

The next great Ethan Chase thriller is now available through Evolved Publishing! Join Ethan once again on this pulse-pounding hunt for one of history’s greatest relics: the Ark of the Covenant. Ethan is determined to stamp his place in the history books with this adventure, but a Russian billionaire, who just happens to own one of the world’s premier weapons manufacturing companies, is also on the trail, and she’s willing to spend her entire fortune to take the Ark for herself.

Old friends and old enemies alike await Ethan on this globe-trotting quest. His loyalties will be pushed to the limit, the cords of friendship will fray, and he will have to answer one critical question: how far is he willing to go in the pursuit of wealth?

Click here for links to buy Solomon’s Fortune now! You can download it for Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble Nooks, iBooks, and more!


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