Audiobooks: Coming Soon!

I can finally reveal to you all that my Ethan Chase novels are now in the process of becoming audiobooks! Narrator Joe Azzari will be producing the audiobooks; he and I have begun working together just this week on character voices, and will soon dive right into the manuscript itself.

I’m really excited for this project. Joe does some fantastic narration work (check out his character reel promo on his ACX page here, if you’d like a sneak peek). He was my first choice to produce this series and I was over the moon when he accepted.

I’ll keep you all apprised of progress in the audiobooks as we go along, and will let you know where and when you can get the finished product.

Other than that, no other real news except to say that the free promotion of my His Name Was Zach novels on my birthday last week went well! I believe a little over 100 free downloads were made, and I ended up getting a few more star ratings on Amazon out of it. I also watched Seven Kings Must Die on Netflix and will probably review that on here soon.

Thank you all for reading and your continued support!


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