Mandate of Heaven: Now Available for Pre-Order!

At long last, the first entry in my new Ethan Chase series of thrillers is available for pre-order through Evolved Publishing!

You can find Mandate of Heaven just about anywhere you get your ebooks: Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and more! Just click on those links to go to their respective websites where you can place your order now!

I’ve run out of words to describe how excited I am for you all to finally get a glimpse at Mandate of Heaven. The Evolved Publishing team did a great job on it, and I think you all will really enjoy this new series and fall in love with these characters.

My self-published series His Name Was Zach was a darker, bit more niche story; Ethan Chase should appeal to a much wider audience of readers, so whether you enjoyed my previous works or not, this new story might be right up your alley! Read on for the description:

Ethan Chase’s past has finally caught up with him, and the entire world’s future now stands on a knife’s edge.

Ex-Army Ranger Ethan Chase breaks his oath of allegiance to the military when he deserts from the Army while deployed to Afghanistan. Years later, he’s captured and sent to military prison, but the director of a shadowy government agency takes him into his direct custody. They offer Ethan his freedom and a blank slate, but only if he can track down and retrieve the lost Heirloom Seal of the Realm, an ancient Chinese artifact believed to grant godly powers to any ruler who possesses it.

With little choice, Ethan takes on this quest, joined by three cohorts: his best friend, the federal agent who arrested him, and a beautiful treasure hunter. Yet they’re not the only ones seeking the Heirloom Seal, and some will cross any line, betray any loyalty, for a chance at supreme power.


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