What’s Cooking? Nothing at All.

They say that trouble comes in 3’s, and I sure hope that’s true because that’s how many major appliances I’ve had to replace in my kitchen in the last 15 months and I really don’t want anything else to break. First it was the fridge, which, to be fair, wasn’t exactly a need, but we’d been planning on getting a new fridge for a while. But then the dishwasher broke just a few months ago, so we had to get a new one.

And just this weekend, the oven stopped working too, so we’ve now ordered a new oven as well. And on my daughter’s birthday when we still had a cake to bake, the timing couldn’t have been worse! I probably could have fixed it with a new igniter, but the replacement part would have cost $100 and Lowe’s was running a big sale that ends on the 3rd, plus we were planning on updating the oven with next year’s tax return anyway, so I figured might as well do it now.

But seriously, this better be the last big appliance I buy for a very long time!

Replacing or fixing broken things is one of the worst parts of home ownership. Back when I was single and living in my 1-bedroom apartment, it was a simple matter of calling the landlord, who would send a repair guy out usually that same day and it didn’t cost me a dime. That was the nice part of renting, even if almost everything else about renting stinks.

But for some good news (not really sure if it’s good news. Maybe… gratifying news?), as I wrote this blog post I noticed that someone overnight had read the entirety of Her Name Was Abby overnight on Kindle Unlimited! So thank you, whoever you are, for apparently really enjoying my story, and I hope you read Books 1 and 3 next!

If you’re reading this and you haven’t taken a look at Her Name Was Abby yet, you can check it out here. Read some reviews, see if it’s the right book for you on this fine August day!


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