New Blog, Same Author!

Welcome to my shiny new blog! If you’re a new follower, then first let me thank you for clicking and reading what I have to say. I’m an author (you can check out my Amazon page here) and this blog is where I talk about my books, other books, and the art of writing in general.

If you came here from my old blog, then thank you for making the switch! With this new blog I have a bit more control of things, including the domain name, so that’s nice. I also have a new option for email subscription and signing up for that would be much appreciated! Of course I won’t bombard you with emails, no need to worry about that.

Sorry that I haven’t been blogging much lately, there’s just been a lot going on both professionally and personally. Plus I started another work-in-progress, and I’m up to six thousand words on that! Here I’ll try to keep the same blogging schedule as before: one post a week, usually Monday morning at 8:30 EST.

That’s all for today, and for this first post on my new blog! As always, thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “New Blog, Same Author!

  1. Following! The site looks great.

    Also, I realize this is probably low priority with all you’ve got going on, but, have you looked into migrating any of the existing posts from your old blog to here? A lot of those old posts are pretty great, and I’d hate for them to disappear.

    Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to hearing what news you have when you’re ready to announce it. 🙂

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